kernel32: Add tests for SetHandleCount + make tests pass for winversions >WINNT

Michael Stefaniuc mstefani at
Fri Sep 3 07:44:45 CDT 2010

Louis Lenders wrote:
>> It's pretty unlikely that count would be larger than 0xffffffff.
> I agree, but i thought we should mimic Windows-behaviour, and the tests showed that such large values are at least allowed. If this value is too large could you suggest another one?
I know I'm spoiling Alexandre's teaching attempt but I couldn't resist...
0xffffffff is UINT_MAX thus min( 0xffffffff, count ) ==  count

>> Also I don't think we need a version check.
> The check is there as the tests show that there is a difference between ver < win98 and ver > WINNT. I don't know if there a are applications that depend on this difference really. Anyway, i could return something like min(65536,count) for all versions, is that ok? (i'll strip out the tests then, as they won't be passing then anymore) 


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