Opinions on priority for an enhancement that Dan suggested some time ago?

Dan Kegel dank at kegel.com
Fri Sep 3 23:40:56 CDT 2010

Tom Spear wrote:
> I believe it would be prudent to have some warning appear when
> certain native dll's are missing which required by the app being
> run, and which we do not implement builtins for.

I suppose a +winediag message might be appropriate for
some commonly-needed DLLs.  Probably there'd be
a table of which DLLs to warn for.

Nobody has hooked +winediag up to any flag-the-user system yet,
but that's what I had in mind in

I'm more focused on the idea of reducing the need for native
DLLs than making it easy to install them.  (Um, well, except
for winetricks, which seems good enough for the moment.)

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