New winetricks 20100904: lots of little fixes. New verbs comdlg32.ocx, vcrun2010

Dan Kegel dank at
Sat Sep 4 02:13:09 CDT 2010

Another fortnight, another Winetricks.

Online as always at
(Bug reports to the issue tracker at the above URL, please.)

Winetrickstest really paid off this time... it caught three problems
before release.


Dan Kegel:
 update shockwave sha1sum
 stop using busted sourceforge mirror
 revert change that broke dinput8 (unfixed issue 149)
 use XDG_CACHE_HOME.  Fixes issue 124.
 fix checksum on macosx (thanks to slevytam for logs)
 add catchall dll-disabling verb, foo=disabled
 remove fakeie6, it hasn't been needed for a long time.

Fred Joseph Ladd:
 nicer title and text for zenity dialog
 fix typo, misc string fixes (issue 146)
 add comdlg32.ocx
 add vcrun2010
 add ISBn for 'Portable Shell Programming'.

Austin English:
 add xapofx as a synonym to xact. (Issue 133)
 delete .Net registry keys before installing .Net. (Issue 158)
 remove ancient Mono versions
 add a synonym for wsh56js (jscript)

Andrew Nguyen:
 add support for new gecko for wine-1.3.2 and up.  (Note: gecko-dbg
might not be happy yet, it fails winetrickstest.)

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