Ongoing Debian package maintenance.

Ben Klein shacklein at
Sat Sep 4 15:09:11 CDT 2010

On 25 August 2010 11:31, Lei Zhang <thestig at> wrote:
> On Tue, Aug 24, 2010 at 3:06 PM, Ben Klein <shacklein at> wrote:
>> On 24 August 2010 04:34, Lei Zhang <thestig at> wrote:
>>> On Fri, Aug 20, 2010 at 4:00 PM, Ben Klein <shacklein at> wrote:
>>> > Hello everyone,
>>> >
>>> > My health has not improved at all since my last call for help with the
>>> > Debian package management. I really need someone to take over from me, or at
>>> > least some help to devise a new set of (semi-)automated build scripts. Any
>>> > volunteers?
>>> Hi Ben,
>>> Does the task basically involve building new .deb packages for every
>>> release? I can probably take over this if nobody else volunteered.
>> Yes, that is essentially the job. For every release of Wine, produce a
>> package for Debian's stable branch and testing/unstable.
> Ok, I'll take the job. If you have any documentation / pointers on
> what the package maintainer needs to do, send them my way, or better
> yet, put it on the Wine wiki.

I've put up recommendations for how the packages should be structured
on my page on the wiki.

I'll send you my control and crappy build scripts later today. If
there's anything you need to ask me, just shoot :)

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