[1/5] urlmon: Implemented IUriBuilder_{Get/Set}Fragment (try 2)

Jacek Caban jacek at codeweavers.com
Sun Sep 5 13:27:59 CDT 2010

  Hi Thomas,

On 9/5/10 8:10 PM, Thomas Mullaly wrote:
> Changes since previous attempt:
> 1. Perform lazy allocation/copy of a URI property when the 
> IUriBuilder_Get* function is called, instead of always allocating when 
> the IUriBuilder is created (addresses Jacek's comments).
> 2. Created helper functions for Get/Set calls to the IUriBuilder to cut 
> back on code duplication.
> 3. Added a bit flag member to the UriBuilder object, so that it can store 
> which properties have been changed.

It looks much better now. There is one problem remaining (that I think can 
be fixed in a follow-up patch):

+    This->modified_props |= Uri_HAS_FRAGMENT;
+    return set_builder_component(&This->fragment,&This->fragment_len, pwzNewValue, '#');

The modifier_props should be set only on success. To achieve so, I think it would be cleaner to pass a flag to be set to set_buildier_component.


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