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Vassilis Virvilis vasvir at
Mon Sep 6 18:26:57 CDT 2010

On 07/09/2010 02:02 πμ, Reece Dunn wrote:
> Googling the error indicates that it is coming from libjpeg:
> JMESSAGE(JERR_CONVERSION_NOTIMPL, "Unsupported color conversion request")


> You probably want the windowscodecs trace output to see where it is failing.
>> 2) JpegDecoder_Frame_GetResolution doesn't look terribly difficult to implement. Am I completely misguided?
> Looking at the parameter names they indicate that the resolutions are
> in dots per inch (DPI), so that may complicate things a bit. As
> always, this will need test coverage.
>> 3) URL_ParseUrl lives in in dlls/shwapi/url.c around 1979. The implementation looks fleshed enough. What is the problem?
> URL_ParseUrl is being passed a URL like "System.Xml" -- the function
> is not handling this as a valid URL.
> Here, tests will be needed to see how Windows behaves and the wine
> implementation should then be improved to cover that/those cases.
>> 4) The GUID are referring to IManaged, IProvideClassInfo, IMarshal, IRpcOptions. What is the implementation scope of these?
> Looking at the fixme's -- fixme:ole:OLEPictureImpl_QueryInterface ()
> -- those interfaces are being requested for and not found in the
> OLEPicture implementation.
> NOTE: A test case will need to be added for each of these to check if
> Windows actually implements those interfaces for the OLEPicture
> object.
> Something along the lines of:
>      IUnknown *picture = ...; /* OLEPicture object from existing tests. */
>      IManaged * managed = NULL;
>      HRESULT hr;
>      int refcount;
>      hr = picture->QueryInterface(&IID_IManaged, (void **)&managed);
>      ok(hr == S_OK, "OLEPicture should support IManaged: expected S_OK,
> got 0x%08x\n", hr);
>      IUnknown_AddRef(picture);
>      refcount = IUnknown_Release(picture);
>      ok(refcount == 2, "Expected there to be 2 references to
> OLEPicture, got %d\n", refcount);
>      text_picture_managed(managed); /* test IManaged methods */
>      IUnknown_Release(managed);
>> Here is the log:
>> fixme:actctx:parse_manifest_buffer root element is L"asmv1:assembly", not<assembly>
> Manifest parsing should support xmlns:name="..." qualifiers for
> elements as well as xmlns="..." qualifiers. This will need tests.

Also thanks for the code dump. I will try to add that code as an OLE test and see what happens.
I am a wine and git newbie so that may take while.

One more question: Based on your experience what do you think is the first thing look after in
order to move my application forward. I would say the color conversion problem and or the


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