setupx.dll16: Handle the error case for VCPM_VSTATWRITE in vcpUICallbackProc16. (RESEND)

Gerald Pfeifer gerald at
Mon Sep 6 14:02:56 CDT 2010

On Mon, 6 Sep 2010, Alexandre Julliard wrote:
>>  1. We only set, but never used cbres, so removing it loses nothing.
>>  2. With this patch we now set the return value to VCPN_FAIL in this
>>     case.  However, this is not the only case in vcpUICallbackProc16;
>>     for example, in another case in this function we pass the return
>>     value of VCP_UI_CopyStart and that returns VCPN_FAIL all over the
>>     place.
> That doesn't mean it's appropriate in this case. Unless there is
> evidence that a zero return from VCPM_DISKPREPINFO is supposed to
> cause an error, it's better not to change the current behavior.

Thanks, Alexandre.  Based on your feedback I just submitted an updated
patch that just simplifies this code, but does not change behavior.


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