Macro names instead of numbers in logs

Florian Köberle florian at
Tue Sep 7 05:09:19 CDT 2010


when running a program using wine it's possible to log +message to get
informed about
all the messages which get sent. This debug channel displays the macro
names like WM_NOTIFY instead
of numbers. The most other debug channels and the regression tests
however display numbers.

Functions like SPY_GetMsgName which can make window messages more human
readable can be found in dlls/user32/spy.c.

Is there a acceptable way of making functions like SPY_GetMsgName
available to other libraries and tests?

There are about 80 TRACE/trace lines which could be improved:
egrep "trace.*hwnd.*lParam" dlls/ -R -i -I|grep -v user32|wc

Best regards,

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