[PATCH 3/6] gameux: add support of loading Application Id into registry

Mariusz Pluciński vshader at gmail.com
Tue Sep 7 06:47:16 CDT 2010

W dniu 03.09.2010 13:13, Nikolay Sivov pisze:
> On 9/3/2010 13:25, Mariusz Pluciński wrote:
>> + hr =
>> IXMLDOMDocument_get_documentElement(lpXMLDocument,&lpXMLRootElement);
>> + if(hr == S_FALSE)
>> + hr = E_FAIL;
> hr != S_OK works.
I want this function to return E_FAIL in the case there's no root 
element, and other code error when get_documentElement encouraged other 
problem. If I do
 > if(hr != S_OK)
 >    hr = E_FAIL;
It will also replace other E_* codes with E_FAIL, and this will make 
problems discovering more complicated.

> P.S. it makes sense to test xml parsing part with native msxml first.
> This will hopefully show some problems with builtin msxml.
OK, I'll this about this.

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