Importing strchrnul() from gnulib?

Wolfram Sang wolfram at
Wed Sep 8 05:53:22 CDT 2010


taking another approach at Bug 19070, I noticed that
dlls/hhctrl.ocx/hhctrl.c has even more problems with commandline-handling.
All three invocations of strchr() should better be strchrnul(). (Compare
calling hh.exe with '-mapid' and '-mapid ' to see one difference).
strchrnul ist protected by _GNU_SOURCE, though. Because I could imagine
there are more places throughout the source needing a fix like this, I
think about importing strchrnul() directly from gnulib into
libs/wine/string.c (most appropriate place I could find). The function is
LGPLv2+, of course. Objections?



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