Keeping people from trying iTunes in Wine?

Scott Ritchie scott at
Thu Sep 9 05:46:56 CDT 2010

On 09/09/2010 12:59 AM, Dan Kegel wrote:
> Watching Twitter, one fairly frequently seems people trying
> and failing to run iTunes 10 and the like in Wine.
> Should we let them bash their heads against the wall like that?
> Maybe we should detect the top ten apps that don't work
> with Wine, and put up a warning dialog saying they are
> known not to work, and people shouldn't try.
> (Kind of like what Windows 7 does when you do something
> dangerous, e.g. try to look at the contents of drive C:.)

This would be relatively simple to implement, and would even be doable
with a shell script outside of Wine.  Just md5sum the .exe, compare it
with a blacklist, pop the warning if so, and if not pass it to the
normal Wine process.

Scott Ritchie

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