Keeping people from trying iTunes in Wine?

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Fri Sep 10 06:47:38 CDT 2010

it would be cool if a dialog like this will also show the howto (or
other notes) from the appdb, it will be helpful for new users.

2010/9/10 Scott Ritchie <scott at>:
> On 09/09/2010 08:06 AM, Luke Benstead wrote:
>> On 9 September 2010 15:53, Dan Kegel <dank at
>> <mailto:dank at>> wrote:
>>     Scott wrote:
>>     > This would be relatively simple to implement, and would even
>>     > be doable with a shell script outside of Wine.  Just md5sum
>>     > the .exe, compare it with a blacklist, pop the warning if so,
>>     > and if not pass it to the normal Wine process.
>>     You'd probably want to sha1sum only the first megabyte
>>     or so, since getting the checksum of a gigabyte
>>     executable would really slow things down.
>>     And you might want to do it only for files that
>>     are doubleclicked on, i.e. in the desktop integration,
>>     rather than messing with the real wine.
>>     - Dan
>> I brought up a long time ago the idea of having something like this that
>> checked the current rating in the appdb. So exe files are associated
>> with the appdb entry and double-clicking would say something like: "This
>> Windows application is rated as Bronze and may not run correctly" or
>> something.
> This idea has come up many times, really.  In the past nothing's been
> done because
> 1) Wine was changing fast, and so were the apps that it would work with
> 2) It'd be more productive to spend time on making apps work anyway (a
> similar argument can be made for AppDB in general)
> However this is clearly not a complete argument, as I'd say it's worth
> having AppDB and getting warnings about garbage apps you're about to run
> is just AppDB in a far more convenient fashion.
> I agree with what Austen said about doing this in the packaging layer -
> it seems like the perfect thing for a winezeug project with packagers
> putting the script as a front end to Wine.  We could hit 90% with a very
> primitive implementation (such as looking up a static list of bad
> filenames).
> Plus, we'd need someone to make the actual interface, which I believe is
> another reason why it hasn't gotten done in the past.  But maybe I can
> fill that gap ;)
> Thanks,
> Scott Ritchie


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