[RFC PATCH 0/4] Macro names instead of numbers in logs

Florian Köberle florian at fkoeberle.de
Sat Sep 11 04:57:25 CDT 2010


this patches increases the readability of debug channels logs and test
traces by displaying the window message names instead of their numbers.

I haven't put the new functionality in include/wine/debug.h because it's
mutally exclusive with include/wine/test.h. I have put it in a new
include file so that it can only be included when it's needed.
I would like to know:
a.) if my approach is general okay or if I need to take another approach.
b.) if the names I have chosen for the file and methods are okay
c.) if my patches aren't acceptable for another reason

Having these patches landed would really make logs more readable, just
compare for yourself:

treeview.c:794: expected 0008 - actual 0008
treeview.c:794: expected 0281 - actual 000f
treeview.c:794: expected 0282 - actual 000f
treeview.c:794: expected 1118 - actual 000f
treeview.c:794: Test marked todo: test get set tooltips: the msg 0x1118
was expected, but got msg 0x000f instead


treeview.c:795: expected WM_KILLFOCUS - actual WM_KILLFOCUS
treeview.c:795: expected WM_IME_SETCONTEXT - actual WM_PAINT
treeview.c:795: expected WM_IME_NOTIFY - actual WM_PAINT
treeview.c:795: expected TVM_SETTOOLTIPS - actual WM_PAINT
treeview.c:795: Test marked todo: test get set tooltips: the msg
TVM_SETTOOLTIPS was expected, but got msg WM_PAINT instead

Best regards,

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