Problem with getting account at testbot

Greg Geldorp ggeldorp at
Sun Sep 12 12:20:02 CDT 2010

Hi Mariusz,

> From: Mariusz Pluciński 
> I have a problem with my account at Long time ago, I 
> registered my account. To this day I have not received an activation 
> e-mail. I thought it was maybe rejected, because I was not "well-known 
> member of the Wine community" that time.
> Today I noticed that I can not send request for account, because "User 
> already exists". Trying to use "forgotten password" feature gave me 
> information that my account was not activated. What could I do with 
> this? I was working on Wine some time without this, but now testbot 
> account would be very helpful for me.

Sorry about that, I must have missed the notification when you first
registered. I have now activated your account (you should have received
an e-mail about it), just let me know if you still encounter problems.
You can either reply directly to this email or use the Feedback link
on the website to contact me.

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