WineAPI wiki progress (resent)

GOUJON Alexandre ale.goujon at
Wed Sep 15 09:25:15 CDT 2010

On 09/15/2010 03:32 PM, Max TenEyck Woodbury wrote:
> The wiki at
> now has pages for the directories in the Wine Repository with
> classifications of the directory content.

Well, to be frank, I don't like the structure.
Doxygen is able to produce colored and well structured pages but it's 
not perfect.
Personally, I prefer something like this [1] and this [2] for the detail.
I know frames are something awful but in this case, this is quite handy.

But it's just my thoughts.
I hope you'll get more feedback.

Many thanks for your efforts
(I bookmarked the [1] some years ago so ignore the deprecated "1.5.0")


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