d3dx9_36: Implement D3DXCreateMesh and initial ID3DXMesh methods. (try 3)

Henri Verbeet hverbeet at gmail.com
Thu Sep 16 08:10:31 CDT 2010

On 16 September 2010 14:40, Misha Koshelev <misha680 at gmail.com> wrote:
> So, just to clarify to make sure my understanding is complete, what you
> are saying is for DrawSubset(), we will need to create an FVF declarator
> from a non-FVF declarator, correct?
No, what I'm saying is that I strongly suspect that in order to
implement DrawSubset() you'd need to create an actual vertex
declaration from the array of declaration elements, i.e.
IDirect3DDevice9::CreateVertexDeclaration(). But once you have that,
the copy of the declaration elements and the count variable used to
create it would be redundant, since you could just call

Something else, for the error handling for vertex/index buffer
creation, just a "FAILED(hr)" and a WARN should do. ERR should imply a
bug in either Wine or the underlying system, not just an application
giving us crap, they do that all the time.

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