inetcpl: Implement LaunchSiteCertDialog on top of cryptui.CryptUIDlgCertMgr

Juan Lang juan.lang at
Fri Sep 17 16:49:52 CDT 2010

> I followed your mail from 25. Aug, where you mentioned
> cryptui.CryptUICertMgr
> That was a typo and i found cryptui.CryptUIDlgCertMgr to be a usable
> match.
> The resulting dialog from "rundll32 inetcpl.cpl,LaunchSiteCertDialog"
> looks the same for builtin and native (tested with IE8 for XP)

Ack.  The difference is very small, almost insubstantial, since
wintrust.OpenPersonalTrustDBDialog also calls
cryptui.CryptUIDlgCertMgr.  The only difference is that the former
passes CRYPTUI_CERT_MGR_PUBLISHER_TAB as the flags, which results in a
smaller number of tabs appearing in the displayed dialog.

Anyway, thanks for the clarification.

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