GDI32 Font Test Errors with MacOSX build

Charles Davis cdavis at
Sat Sep 18 23:00:53 CDT 2010

On Sep 18, 2010, at 7:03 PM, James McKenzie wrote:

> Just wanted to see if any other Mac Wine user has the time to run the gdi32 tests and see if they get errors in the Font test.
Sure enough, I get five failures:

font.c:1924: Test failed: no fonts should be enumerated: Symbol ANSI_CHARSET
font.c:1972: Test failed: SYMBOL_CHARSET should NOT enumerate ANSI_CHARSET for Symbol
font.c:1974: Test failed: SYMBOL_CHARSET should enumerate SYMBOL_CHARSET for Symbol
font.c:2014: Test failed: no fonts enumerated: Symbol SYMBOL_CHARSET
font.c:2025: Test failed: SYMBOL_CHARSET should enumerate SYMBOL_CHARSET for Symbol

I think this is because of the nature of the Symbol font on Mac OS. Instead of using Wine's built-in one, we're using the one from Mac OS--which is apparently somewhat different from Windows' Symbol font. That's my guess, at least. This might be a problem if, for example, an app were enumerating fonts belonging to the SYMBOL_CHARSET character set.

Also, a bunch of tests get skipped for one of three reasons:
- The font needed for that test wasn't found:
font.c:3200: Tests skipped: Unable to locate and load font sserife.fon
- The font doesn't have an 'x' glyph:
font.c:2061: Tests skipped: Font Apple Braille doesn't contain 'x', skipping the test
- The font doesn't have any glyphs at all in its CMAP--or it's corrupt:
font.c:2409: Tests skipped: Unable to retrieve first and last glyphs from cmap

I wonder if that first one is related at all to the five failures... It might be indicative of some bigger problem with finding fonts on Mac OS.


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