Memory Management

Luis Carlos Busquets Pérez luis.busquets at
Fri Sep 24 22:32:31 CDT 2010

Concerning the e-mail

it seems that it is broken because in wine there is no way to ensure 
that the string will be in the lower 2GB. Actually, according to the 
Windows Memory Management model:

only the 2 lower Gb are able to be used in user mode in Windows. So 
actually in Windows OS you have a way to ensure that all user things 
will be in the lower 2Gb. Is there something similar in WINE, If not, 
would it not be logical to replicate also that behaviour, so that then 
d3dxhandle can rely in the MSB? What is more, if there is not that way 
to ensure that, and I guess that the  d3dxx_xx.dll might rely on that to 
distinguish between strings and d3dxhandle, there might be cases even 
using the original d3dx, programmes would crash in wine when the wine 
implementation allocates strings in  memory positions where then MSB = 1.

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