WineAPI wiki status update

Max TenEyck Woodbury max at
Sat Sep 25 14:40:06 CDT 2010

The wiki is at
and this address should *not* require a Sourceforge login.

At least one person has complained that this project is too Wine
specific. They want it to be more generic. I do *not* plan to remove
the Wine specific content, but I have labeled it with the prefix
'Wine/' so there will be space for content specific to other projects.

I have to admit that the format is pretty UGLY with too much
information crammed into too little space. I have received some
suggestions on how this can be improved. I intend to act on those
suggestions, but not right now. I need to put the content in and assure
that it is correct before I get into aesthetics. If someone wants to
help with this, let me know.

There are now links to every directory and file in the repository and a
mechanism is in place to assure that this will continue to be the case.
Significant repository entries have their own wiki pages with at least
one place where editable content can be added that will not be
over-written by the automatic update process. There are also the usual
wiki discussion pages.

Most of the file related pages are simply place holders at this time,
with the exception of '.spec' file pages. Please see the section below
on plans before complaining about this.

Statistics (very approximate)
    400 Directories
   3000 Files
  55000 APIs identified

Plans and problems.

The current maintenance process is based on bash scripts with
different scripts doing different parts of the analysis. Scheduling is
based on a list of work items. The scripts add work items as they are
discovered and remove work items as they are finished. If someone wants
to try their hand at them, let me know and I'll post them to the wiki.
I expect that re-writes in other languages are in order, but I do bash
scripts well. My other strong languages are C and C++. I am very
interested in learning Python, Perl and others.

Some of the pages are HUGE and cause problems when some wiki operations 
are tried. In particular there are at least two '.spec' files with more
than 8000 entries. The scripts need to be taught how to split these
monsters into managable pieces.

Some of the APIs are class-object based and their names have been
mangled in the usual C++ manner. They are currently displayed in their
raw form. De-mangling is needed and a separate hierarchy should be
established for indexing them.

A section in each standard directory has been set aside to hold API
descriptions for each executable but are currently empty (and invisible
as a result). Once the names have been de-mangled, I plan to fill in
these sections.

Header and code analysis are on queue after that, as is improving the
page format.

There are a bunch of old pages without the 'Wine/' prefix. They are
being removed. Advice on wiki-bots would be helpful.

- Max

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