Mounir IDRASSI mounir.idrassi at
Tue Sep 28 22:40:20 CDT 2010

viny < <at>> writes:
> Yes I started with this referenced discussion.
> Here is a first patch. With it, Winscard can identify your smartcard reader.
> Is it good enough to be sent to wine-patch ?

Hi Vincent,

I'm the original author of the Winscard patch sent in 2007 and I see that the
patch you have sent is just a subset of the code I originally posted. 
However, I don't see any credits to me or IDRIX in you submission.

I'm sure this is a honest omission and I hope that it will be corrected in 
future patches.

Just for the record, I provide since 2007 a 32bit Linux binary of that have full PC/SC support.
Last Tests conducted two weeks ago against Wine 1.3.1 and latest Linux ditros.
Here is the link to it :

In the coming days, I'll prepare an updated version of the 2007 patch that can
be applied cleanly against the latest source tree.

That being said, I thank Vincent for his efforts in order to revive Wincard
integration into Wine and I hope that it will finally succeed after more than
three years of stagnation. Till now, most smart card users under Wine rely
solely on the binary I provide or compiling their own using the original patch. 


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