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Jacek Caban jacek at
Wed Sep 29 05:39:34 CDT 2010

  On 9/28/10 9:37 PM, Reece Dunn wrote:
> On 28 September 2010 15:14, Jacek Caban<jacek at>  wrote:
>>> I am interested in helping out to improve this area -- my aim is to
>>> not require the `winetricks ie6` command to get some of these
>>> applications (specifically the Big Fish Games client) to a usable
>>> state.
>>> Therefore, I am wondering if anyone knows where the best place is to
>>> start looking (e.g. known areas of missing functionality) or how to
>>> debug applications (and interpret WINEDEBUG output) to identify where
>>> the issues are.
>> There is no single answer. You want mshtml debug channel for most cases. If
>> the problem is with embedding document in an app, then shdocvw is also
>> useful. If you have scripts that don't work (and we use jscript for them),
>> then jscript debug channel is the answer. If you have a problem with loading
>> document, I'd add urlmon,wininet channel.
> After some digging around, there appears to be some issues with the
> jscript.dll implementation:
>     $ trace:jscript:DispatchEx_QueryInterface
> (0x1dad2d0)->(IID_IDispatchJS 0x33d5e8)
>     $ trace:jscript:DispatchEx_AddRef (0x1dad2d0) ref=7
>     $ trace:jscript:prop_get L"SWFObject" ret {VT_EMPTY}
>     $ trace:jscript:DispatchEx_Release (0x1dad2d0) ref=6
>     $ trace:jscript:DispatchEx_Release (0x1dad2d0) ref=5
>     $ fixme:jscript:new_expression_eval throw TypeError
> The new_expression_eval fixme is because V_VT(&constr) == VT_EMPTY.
> Now SWFObject is defined in a<script>  file, but there are various
> script files. For example, given a html file containing:
>      <script src="a.js"></script>
>      <script src="b.js"></script>
> with a.js:
>      function SWFObject() { this.x = 5; }
> and b.js:
>      var swf = new SWFObject(); // appears to be erroring here
>      alert(swf.x);
> Is this supported currently in Wine, or am I going down the wrong track?

It's a known regression. A hack from bug 24365 should work around it.


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