Project: x86 to ARM binary translator

Alexandre Julliard julliard at
Sat Apr 2 05:16:06 CDT 2011

Yale Zhang <yzhang1985 at> writes:

> 2. What's the best design:  whole system VM (qemu) or process VM (qemu &
> wine)?
> Process VM:
> + easier to incorporate 3D acceleration at API level
> + uses less memory
> + better performance (e.g. no need for MMU translation when accessing
> memory)
> + much better integration with host OS
> - needs to maintain custom Windows API implementation (Wine)
> Whole system VM:
> + simpler, more unified to implement
> + much better support for apps that are dependent on new, proprietary,
> obscure Windows libraries, interfaces    (moot because Office, Matlab, etc
> will soon be available for ARM)
> Given the aims of only running legacy applications and games, it seems a
> foregone conclusion that Wine's process VM approach is best. Comments?

I think you underestimate the complexity of doing the emulation at the
API level. You should first make it work by running the whole process
under the emulator; once you get this right, then you can start thinking
about running some parts natively.

Alexandre Julliard
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