Summer of Code 2011 ideas

Charles Davis cdavis at
Sun Apr 3 20:37:26 CDT 2011

On 3/27/11 5:53 PM, Charles Davis wrote:
> 1. Quartz Driver. I know you guys rejected this last year, but it looks
> like AJ's been doing some work refactoring the driver interface (at
> least, the GDI driver interface) lately. I also have some patches to
> isolate the rest of Wine from winex11. Since the driver itself is so
> huge, I'll probably end up only doing a piece of it (just enough to run
> some simple programs like Notepad or Minesweeper). This still depends on
> my (as yet, unfinished) Deobjectivizer tool so I don't have to code the
> driver in Objective-C (or resort to Carbon, which Apple seems intent on
> exorcising from Mac OS X).
> 2. D3D10 support. Here's an idea that isn't tied to Mac OS X. In Wine,
> D3D10 support is still in the embryonic stage (i.e. lots of stubs,
> anything interesting doesn't work quite right). It looks like Henri
> wants to wait until he finishes exorcising COM from WineD3D to finish
> implementing D3D10 (probably because COM was too much of a burden for
> what D3D10 needed from WineD3D, judging from which methods are stubs),
> so if you want to wait, that's fine. If I do take this on, my goal will
> probably be to get the game "Civilization V" working (at least,
> partially) in D3D10 mode, because that's the only D3D10 game I happen to
> own! (If it already works, and I don't know if it does because I haven't
> gotten around to installing and testing it, then I'll try to make it
> work better.)

I haven't heard any real objections to these two (the third has been
subsumed by someone with a much better proposal), so unless someone
speaks up now, I will submit proposals tomorrow.

BTW, if I do take up the D3D10 project, I'll consider using WoW's
experimental D3D10 engine (as suggested by Jerome Leclanche) to test my
D3D10 implementation.


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