Wanted: TestBot maintainer

Greg Geldorp ggeldorp at vmware.com
Tue Apr 5 13:23:04 CDT 2011

Due to personal circumstances I won't be able to maintain the TestBot much longer. I'm looking for a volunteer to take over this responsibility. I can offer the hardware on which the bot runs for another 2 years or so. You'll get full access to the hardware. It helps if you have a bit of experience with VMware vSphere, but that's not absolutely required.

Day-to-day operations have been running pretty smooth for the last couple of months, so the demand on your time won't be that great. There's the occasional account request that needs to be approved and that's pretty much it. Every now and then the VMs should be updated using Windows Update. The code itself seems to be reasonably stable. It's all Perl.

If you're interested or would like more info, please let me know.


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