ntdll: Remove more path trailing chars.

Vincent Pelletier plr.vincent at gmail.com
Tue Apr 5 14:36:50 CDT 2011


Le samedi 02 avril 2011 09:16:53, Nikolay Sivov a écrit :
> Please use table for test data and put your macro body in a loop.

Done locally (indeed nicer).
I have one more thing to figure out before posting again: how to deal with the 
NT4 failures testbot detected[1].

Those tests are boolean, so I doubt an "ok(pass || fail /* NT4 */)" makes any 
I saw that it is discouraged (forbidden ?) to depend on OS version in tests, 
so I will avoid that path unless asked to follow it.
I've been advised on IRC to use "broken()", but I don't see how to use it for 
such boolean case (in my understanding it has a meaning if different error 
status a returned by different windows versions, not between a success and an 
error status).

[1] http://testbot.winehq.org/JobDetails.pl?Key=10288#k201

Vincent Pelletier

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