__CxxFrameHandler unsupported on wine64?

Peter Urbanec winehq.org at urbanec.net
Thu Apr 7 09:46:25 CDT 2011

I have an application that requires MFC80.DLL. When I install only the 
MFC80.DLL file from the vcredist package, I end up with the following 

wine: Call from 0x7fd606a3148b to unimplemented function 
MSVCR80.dll.__CxxFrameHandler, aborting

So, I had a quick look at the wine source and found a comment in 
dlls/msvcrt/cppexcept.c that says:

/* CxxFrameHandler is not supported on non-i386 */

I don't think that this is quite right, given that Microsoft's MFC80.DLL 
attempts to call __CxxFrameHandler. Is it more likely that wine only 
provides an i386 implementation? If so, is there any chance that someone 
may be able to provide x86_64 implementation in the near future? It's 
way over my head :-(

Best regards,

     Peter Urbanec

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