Managing word agreements in PO translations?

Frédéric Delanoy frederic.delanoy at
Thu Apr 21 11:23:42 CDT 2011


In various languages, there are multiple forms/agreements for a
pronoun/adjective. In French, for instance masculine and feminine
forms exist; in other languages (like German IIRC) there's even a
neutral form (other languages may also be more complicated)

while agreements in English are limited, e.g. there's only one form
for masculine/feminine/plural adjectives.

This makes translating short English words problematic.

In my case,  I've a problem with the following PO entry

#: comctl32.rc:44 crypt32.rc:198 progman.rc:78 winecfg.rc:76
msgid "None"

According to context, it can be translated (in French) as either
"Aucun" or "Aucune" (agreements on the same word).
Admitedly, it could be translated with "Aucun(e)" but that seems more
like a workaround and feels a bit weird (user shouldn't see partially
incorrect/odd translations because of technical issues)

OTOH, creating a distinct msgcontext for every agreement in every
supported language may be overkill, although the number of affected
msgids is limited.

What's your opinion on how to handle that, folks?

Frédéric Delanoy

NB: This obviously posed no problem before the rc->po migration, since
it was duplicated in different rc files

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