d3d8: Attempting to set a NULL rt is legal in d3d8

"Stefan Dösinger" stefandoesinger at gmx.at
Fri Apr 22 07:25:27 CDT 2011

> Yeah, I wrote that test. But please add the one for a NULL rt with
> non-NULL DS as well, it should be pretty trivial.
Working on it. I'd still consider the existing tests to be enough for this NULL pointer regression fix to go in before the snapshot release.

The tests will take a little longer, the recent d3d changes broke my msvc build setup.


An unrelated issue I am ignoring for now:
void * __cdecl wined3d_buffer_get_parent(const struct wined3d_buffer *buffer);

in the .idl file is compiled by Microsoft's midl to

void *__cdecl wined3d_buffer_get_parent( 
    struct wined3d_buffer *buffer);

ie, the const is lost, leading to complaints from msvc that the implementation function doesn't match the declaration. Any idea how to fix it?

PS: The stupid gmx webmail doesn't understand mailing list replies. I hope this mail works properly.

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