Matching Windows 7 folder locations?

Kornél Pál kornelpal at
Sat Apr 23 02:11:55 CDT 2011


Note that these changes were introduced in Windows Vista, so 
applications that are being actively maintained should have no issues 
with these changes.

Also note that on localized versions localized folder names link to the 
English physical folder, so the folder structure is more consistenc 
across localized versions of Windows.

Legacy applications on the other hand are a different story and 
application compatibility hacks have to be used anyway. Changing shell 
folder names and and linking legacy names is most likely a working 
solution since that also was introducted in Windows Vista and was not 
refined in Windows 7.


Jerome Leclanche wrote:
> I suspect there are badly behaved apps on both sides of the road,
> however these apps are legitimately broken; would they even work on a
> non-english version of windows?
> If there was a choice to be made though, for what it's worth, I always
> hated the spaces too.
> J. Leclanche
> On Fri, Apr 22, 2011 at 10:30 PM, Dan Kegel<dank at>  wrote:
>> Windows 7 changed the folders in c:/users/$USERNAME around a bit.
>> My Documents is now just a link to the new folder Documents
>> Application Data is now just a link to the new folder AppData/Roaming
>> Local Settings is now just a link to the new folder AppData/Local
>> How is this going to affect Wine?   Well-behaved apps that use
>> CSIDL_PERSONAL to get at "My Documents" or "Documents" will
>> work regardless, but users or badly behaved apps might start expecting
>> the shorter directory names sometime.  (I always hated the spaces, anyway.)

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