requesting review and/or testing for directsound changes

Maarten Lankhorst m.b.lankhorst at
Tue Apr 26 05:50:52 CDT 2011

Hi all,

with and you should be able to get the 
benefits of openal-soft's mixer while continuing to use whatever driver 
you want for mmdevapi. As a result directsound will only support 
openal-soft, but multi channel is suddenly supported, as is support for 
the floating point format. 24-bits and 32-bits int are currently not, 
but as soon as that capability is added to openal-soft.git wine will 
have a nice working dsound implementation with support for a lot of 
things that are missing now. The resampling code will also be a lot 
better and you should expect a higher quality when resampling is used.

The capture changes should work nicely, and I don't expect a problem 
with that, since it's based on openal. The rendering code is essentially 
reviving the old dsound-openal, and outputting it to mmdevapi.

Note: 24-bits and 32-bits int are unsupported and will most likely cause 
a crash, disable the #if 1 in get_fmtstr_EXT to prevent lying about 
support. It was put in place so the wine dsound tests would pass.

A binary with openal-soft.git statically linked in can be 
found at:

If you're using pulseaudio, patch your 32-bits alsa-plugins with the 
attached patch, or silence may occur when using the new mmdevapi drivers.

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