Question on Conformance Test

James McKenzie jjmckenzie51 at
Tue Apr 26 22:50:58 CDT 2011


I am writing a conformance test for the richedit function 
EM_FINDWORDBREAK.  I realize that WindowsNT 4.0 is our base 
configuration and most of the values process the same.  However, a 
couple of values process differently for Windows NT 4.0/Windows2000, 
WindowsXP/Windows2003 and Windows Vista onward.  What would be the BEST 
method of annotating this:

Per the development guide:

ok ( GetLastError() == WINXP_ERROR || GetLastError() == WINNT40_ERROR, ...);


ok ( GetLastError() == WINXP_ERROR || Broken (GetLastError() == WINNT40_ERROR));

In other words, should I avoid the use of Broken() in this case, as the returned value is correct?

Thank you.

James McKenzie

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