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Wed Apr 27 08:09:35 CDT 2011


James McKenzie wrote:
>I realize that WindowsNT 4.0 is our base configuration
IMHO that doesn't matter.  Winecfg's default changed from
w95 to w2k to xp while I was looking.

>What would be the BEST method of annotating this:
>ok ( GetLastError() == WINXP_ERROR || GetLastError() == WINNT40_ERROR, ...);
>ok ( GetLastError() == WINXP_ERROR || Broken (GetLastError() == WINNT40_ERROR));

You judge:
- If you feel both results are quite logical, use ||.
- I've used broken() to document which values Wine shall *not* return.
  That's IMHO an underestimated use of broken().
- OTOH, I've used || specifically when I thought Wine might/should perhaps
  change behavior in the future, such that no future patch would be needed to turn
GetLastError() == WINXP_ERROR || broken(GetLastError() == WINNT40_ERROR)
broken(GetLastError() == WINXP_ERROR || GetLastError() == WINNT40_ERROR

- ... which never prevented me from writing
  todo_wine ok(broken(NT.../*what Wine returns today*/) || XP /*what I want it to return*/, ...
(rather than that, put broken last).

 Jörg Höhle

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