wined3d: Track when the FBO is dirty. (try 4)

Stefan Dösinger stefandoesinger at
Wed Apr 27 08:13:33 CDT 2011

On Wednesday 27 April 2011 01:16:27 Henri Verbeet wrote:
> This is mostly the same as the previous version.
I'll add my 2 cents and one crappy patch to this discussion. It is fairly 
similar to Adam's patch, but attempts to avoid redundant FBO work at a higher 

The patch is pretty quick and dirty, a few things need improvement:

*) Integrate clears better. We can avoid redundant application in the clears 
itself, and reapplication after clearing the currently bound render target
*) Marking the FBO dirty in context_bind_fbo is ugly. This should be done by 
the caller(s), mainly the blitting functions. I'm also not sure about 
*) There are probably more places where the FBO has to be marked dirty, 
especially various surface operations
*) There are some rendering bugs. Specifically, the flashlight in HL2 flickers 
when multicore rendering is enabled. This may be unrelated to the patch, but I 
don't think it is caused by the occlusion query problem.

The patch has some debug code that prints out the number of FBO applications 
and the number of draws where nothing was done. In my testing the FBO is dirty 
between 2% and 10% of all draws, depending on the game. This is higher than 
expected, but I don't know yet if that's because apps change the render 
targets that often or because of clears.

Anyway, Some performance results:
game                    old                     new
cubetest                101.06                  114.21
TF2                     78.79                   79.21
hl2                     145.24                  146.87
nfs:shift main menu     16.83                   17.07
tmnations               48.0                    48.8

cubetest is my own draw overhead tester. For comparison, Windows 7 runs this 
app at 730 fps. It doesn't use offscreen rendering. The other apps use offscreen 
to some extent, in tmnations the FBO is dirty 2% of the time, in HL2 and TF2 
around 8%. NFS:Shift does a lot of blitting in the main menu and at the moment 
falls back to software blitting, so this result is fairly uninteresting.
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