comctl32: realloc or free and alloc

Dan Kegel dank at
Sat Apr 30 09:41:06 CDT 2011

Alexey wrote:

> i currently digg in comctl32 to find why my app fails. I found that
> string conversation AtoW in some places silently fails. The problem is
> that the destination for string is just a fresh pointer (not NULL).
> Str_SetPtrAtoW check if it is NULL pointer and if not it trys to
> ReAlloc. There was no Alloc before so ReAlloc returns NULL

The code looks like it assumes that pointer is always
managed by Alloc/ReAlloc/Free.  In what context is
the destination a fresh, non-Alloc'd pointer?
Perhaps that's where the bug lies.

Your proposed solution would pass a non-Alloc'd
pointer to Free, which doesn't seem good.
- Dan

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