wined3d: incorrect OpenGL renderer string for GTX 560 Ti

William Pettersson william.pettersson at
Thu Aug 4 02:53:56 CDT 2011

In dlls/wined3d/directx.c video cards are identified by string comparisons
to the OpenGL renderer string. I recently added support for the GTX 550 Ti,
so I spent a bit of time perusing the code. The GTX 560 Ti is identified by
the string "GeForce GTX 560 TI" but noticed that on my system, the renderer
string is "GeForce GTX 550 Ti/PCI/SSE2". Note the difference in
capitalisation of "TI" versus "Ti".

When I added the GTX 550 Ti, I tested with both "TI" and "Ti" in the cards[]
entry, and with "TI" my card is not recognised but with "Ti" wine does
detect it correctly.

Yes, I have a 550 and not a 560, hence I'm just asking here. I cannot
confirm that the 560 renderer string has capital "TI", but google searches
seem to imply that the capitalisation follows the 550 renderer, using "Ti"
rather than "TI", and the advertising supports the capital-T lowercase-i

Now, some questions.
1) Can anyone confirm that the GTX 560 Ti is detected correctly via the
OpenGL renderer string, or even confirm that the OpenGL renderer string for
the 560 GTX Ti has either "TI" or "Ti" as the capitalisation?

2) The capital "TI" is also used in gpu_description_table[], where it is
returned as the description of video card. I don't know what Windows-based
programs expect here, but I'm guessing that this possibly also should be
"Ti". Is there any way I can check this?

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