kernel32: GetVolumeInformation and FS flags

GOUJON Alexandre ale.goujon at
Thu Aug 4 12:07:51 CDT 2011

As I'm updating GetVolumeInformation to add UDF support, I noticed file 
system flags differ from one Windows version to another.
For instance, on TestBot and NTFS I get [1] :
- 000700FF for XP and W2K3
- 002700FF for Vista and W2K8
- 03E700FF for 7

Should I
- not test flags, don't bother ? (hides the issue)
- set only common bits ? (make everyone happy)
- set the most recent values ? (as we already mark results from older 
windows versions as broken)
- set output values depending on windows version ? (something not to in 
wine as I know)

Is there any known application depending on an exact value ?

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