w9x testbot state?

max max at mtew.isa-geek.net
Mon Aug 8 12:36:06 CDT 2011

Dmitry Timoshkov:

If I understand the philosophy of Wine correctly, it is to provide an  
alternative to
the Microsoft implementation of the platform.  The criteria for success 
is that
applications written to run on the current Microsoft platform can run on 
Wine.  To
that end mandatory support for the Windows 9X and other older versions was
removed from the patch acceptance test procedure.  The test procedures 
were also
to be simplified when a change touched on one of the special cases where 
special provisions for older versions was part of a test.

However, certain things were not to be done:

The ABILITY to test under older versions is to be retained.  Such testing is
no longer required, but the tests are supposed to be available on request.

Simply removing support for older versions in tests is not sufficient 
reason for
changing a test.  Something else about the test has to change before 
there is
justification of stripping out special case code.

Gratuitous removal of support for older versions in the actual Wine code is
not acceptable.  There has to be a reason for breaking support of older 

We are NOT trying to support Microsoft's effort to force their customers 
to upgrade
to new versions of Microsoft's products.  In fact, my understanding is 
that Wine is
intended to provide an 'as good as or better' alternative to Microsoft.  
Efforts to
improve Wine's ability to support current applications is very 
important, but supporting
older applications is also useful.


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