Current state of USBD.SYS

louis at louis at
Wed Aug 10 11:45:27 CDT 2011

> Yes, Wine added support for udev (because hal is now obsolute on most
> Linux distributions), but AFAIK the plans were not to remove hal due
> to backward compatibility.
> No major changes to usbd.sys were made. Wine still doesn't detect USB
> devices or load drivers or anything like that.

OK, I guess I'll have to find a way to adapt our old patches for that then.

>> Also what I'd like to find out is if there is maybe a cutting-edge
>> usbd.sys module that hasn't made it into the development WINE branch.
> I have plans to write more usbd.sys stuff but nothing as of yet. Are
> you planning to release your custom patches at some stage?

Our patches should already be available (Google for "Muse Research open
source"; I can't recall the server it's on at the moment, but it should be
in the "1.8" subdirectory).  I'm not sure how general-purpose the code is
(I didn't write it).


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