Current state of USBD.SYS

louis at louis at
Wed Aug 10 15:45:11 CDT 2011

> Louis wrote
>> Our patches should already be available (Google for "Muse Research open
>> source"; I can't recall the server it's on at the moment, but it should
>> be
>> in the "1.8" subdirectory).
> I think it's
> and in particular
> - Dan
> p.s.
> says
> Q. If Receptor uses GPLed code, where can I download the source?
> A. You can download all relevant Source Code here:
> but there's nothing there; the right url seems to be
> which points to the files.
> Louis, maybe you could get the FAQ updated...

That'd be the one.  IT has been moving files around, so I am not sure how
permanent that particular Reprise Software link will be, but I'll make
sure that they get the FAQ updated once they are finished.  The direct ftp
link will be your best bet.


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