cmd: an issue with cd .. command

Frédéric Delanoy frederic.delanoy at
Thu Aug 11 08:33:46 CDT 2011

2011/8/11 Nowres Rafid <nowres.rafed at>:
> here we change the "command"
>   if (CompareStringW(LOCALE_USER_DEFAULT,
>                      NORM_IGNORECASE | SORT_STRINGSORT,
>                      command, 2, parmD, -1) == 2) {
>     command += 2;
>     while (*command && *command==' ') command++;
>   }
> that's why I decided to change it too.

What I mean by constant is that the "WCHAR* command" contents isn't modified.
Here the "command" formal parameter is just a copy of caller's WCHAR
pointer, so you don't affect the caller by doing pointer arithmetic on
it (although using a local pointer would be clearer/better style), and
the actual contents isn't altered.


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