Assining .bat and .com files with the desktop

André Hentschel nerv at
Thu Aug 11 12:21:54 CDT 2011

Am 11.08.2011 18:18, schrieb Vincent Povirk:
> I'm not sure DOSBox is able to competently open some random executable
> file. One would have to make a config file that sets up a drive
> mapping, runs the file, and quits. If Wine can do these things (and
> maybe also properly handle cases where the COM executable expects to
> be run on a windows machine or, say, a dos machine with win3.1
> installed), it seems like a fine choice to me.

Wine can. See winevdm/winevdm.c:start_dosbox. I'm currently working on fixing issues on both sides.

Am 11.08.2011 17:57, schrieb Damjan Jovanovic:
> While I am at it, EXE files are not clearly Wine's either - they could
> be real-mode DOS executables, or .NET code intended for Mono on *nix.
> At some point, Wine/Mono/DOSBox and related projects need to have a
> talk about some kind of arbitration mechanism.

Am 11.08.2011 18:18, schrieb Vincent Povirk:
> There was some talk on #mono (or #monodev) to the effect that the
> arbitration mechanism for different kinds of files is called mime
> types, and a DOS exe, x86/x64 PE exe, and CLR exe are all different
> and should have different mime types.

Talks are good, but did one project already do something for that, wo we can build upon it?


Best Regards, André Hentschel

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