Vista/w2k8/w7 users, please test mmdevapi capture

Joerg-Cyril.Hoehle at Joerg-Cyril.Hoehle at
Wed Aug 17 08:55:08 CDT 2011

Brian Vincent wrote:
>It looks like I got one "test failed" followed by an ok one on the second run.
>capture.c:548: Test failed: Master volume wasn't 1: 0.769175
I'm not familiar with the volume test, but past winmm experience is that native may
have remembered your previous volume setting (winmm default: FFFF, sort of 1.0).
E.g. your mixer GUI volume setting reflects what winmm reports.

The absence of other failures proves my expectations about GetBuffer ordering,
which was my major interest in this test.

Thank you,
 Jörg Höhle

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