d3dx9: CloneMesh test and improvements

Stefan Dösinger stefandoesinger at gmx.at
Thu Aug 18 13:05:28 CDT 2011


I noticed one small issue:
On Saturday 13 August 2011 12:22:03 Michael Mc Donnell wrote:
> +static HRESULT convert_vertex_buffer(ID3DXMesh *mesh_dst, ID3DXMesh 
> ...
> +    hr = mesh_dst->lpVtbl->LockVertexBuffer(mesh_dst, D3DLOCK_DISCARD, 
On paper, D3DLOCK_DISCARD is only valid on D3DUSAGE_DYNAMIC buffers. Wine and 
Windows <= WinVista don't enforce this. Win7 does, and it broke some apps that 

I noticed a few more D3DLOCK_DISCARD locks in the mesh.c code.
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