Buildbot status

Dan Kegel dank at
Thu Aug 18 18:29:44 CDT 2011 caught a couple of real problems today.

Remember the original patchwatcher?  It died because only
one person knew how to run it, and it was too hard to set up.
I'm trying to not make that mistake this time.
To that end, I've made the process easier, and would like as
many people as possible to try running buildbot slaves (and, at least
temporarily, masters!) so the knowledge is spread around.
It's probably ready for other people to try running one.
If you're interested, see

Changes since last post
- made cleaner script and doc for adding a new slave
- rewrote patch series recognizer (old one was broken and opaque)

to-do list:
- make it start automatically after reboot
- sandbox it
- turn on build result emails
- add a bit of parallelism into the test runner, so e.g. tests that
don't need the display or network run in parallel with those that do,
probably in a separate wineprefix
- add valgrind slave
- add windows slave (like testbot, but with real graphics and sound)
- add x86_64 slave
- move master to once it seems ready

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