[PATCH 01/10] cmd: Use CSTR_* instead of hardcoded values as result of CompareStringW

Dan Kegel dank at kegel.com
Sat Aug 20 10:54:55 CDT 2011

2011/8/20 Frédéric Delanoy <frederic.delanoy at gmail.com>:
>>> I thought the Date: field was set by the client, so server
>>> races shouldn't matter.
>> Sorry, missed that you use that and not the order you receive it.
> That's not always reliable: say you commit locally patches [1-2/3] on
> day D and patch [3/3] on day D+1
> P3 - baz - D+1
> P2 - bar - D
> P1 - foo - D
> For whatever reason, before submission, you decide patch [3/3] should
> be the first one, so you use "git rebase" do to that:
> P3 - bar - D
> P2 - foo - D
> P1 - baz - D+1
> and you git-send the mails.

git-send's messages' timestamps use current time, not commit time:
And it is careful to increment the time after each message!
So I think my usage is compatible with git-send.

> So, you should always use the numbering specified by the author IMHO

I wish it were so easy.  It is very difficult to recognize patch series
without relying on them being sent in order.
I've tried:
  take all unprocessed messages
  divide them by sender
  further divide them into groups based on length of patch series in
subject line
  sort each group by patch number from subject line
but that breaks down if the developer sends two patch series with
the same length, which happens very often, e.g. when somebody
retries a patch series.  Maybe one could further subdivide messages
by retry number, but that sounds hard and fragile.
- Dan

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