buildbot status

Dan Kegel dank at
Sun Aug 21 19:28:46 CDT 2011

The bot found a real problem again in someone's patch today.
Mail is not yet automated, so I let the author know by hand.

Because several people asked whether they could run
headless slaves, I added headless support; now if
DISPLAY is not set, the bot won't try to run any
tests known to fail with DISPLAY unset.
We'll probably group the headless servers differently,
and use them for specialized tests (e.g. builds with
different compilers).

Because someone expressed interest in running on
Debian Squeeze, I tried running the demo on that OS,
and cleaned up a couple issues that turned up.

readme-wine.txt now suggests starting the master
before the slave, to avoid a spurious error message.

The master fell over this morning, not sure why.
So its max uptime so far is something like three days.
- Dan

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