hhctrl: IDTB_XXX resource strings

Francois Gouget fgouget at free.fr
Mon Aug 22 05:46:08 CDT 2011

The native hhctrl.ocx does not have any resrouce strings. My 
understanding is that we have them in Wine because we use them as 
tooltips for the toolbar items. That's good I guess.

However a number of them make no sense at all and are a pain to 
translate. For instance:



    IDTB_JUMP1       "Jump1"
    IDTB_JUMP2       "Jump2"

What's the difference between 'Jump1' and 'Jump2'?

Also I have found no proper documentation on this. So does anyone know 
what to put there so we have strings that correctly describe what these 
toolbar buttons do?

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