hhctrl: IDTB_XXX resource strings

Owen Rudge owen at owenrudge.net
Mon Aug 22 09:08:05 CDT 2011

> I see the strings being added to the toolbar with
>     LPWSTR szBuf = HH_LoadString(buttons[dwIndex].idCommand);
>     ...
>     buttons[dwIndex].iString = (DWORD)SendMessageW(hToolbar, TB_ADDSTRINGW, 0, (LPARAM)szBuf);
> But from there it's not clear to me they whether they will be used or
> not. Did you specifically mean that only Jump1/2 would not be used or
> does that apply to the other IDTB_XXX strings too?

I was referring specifically to Jump1/2 in this case. They do get used, 
particularly as it looks like we don't currently replace them with the 
custom text.

However, the "IDTB" strings that we have are all noted as 
"unimplemented" in Microsoft's htmlhelp.h file, and in theory nobody 
should be using them. Considering we don't support any of them in 
TB_AddButtonsFromFlags, I think the resource entries for them can be 

James does seem to have added support for creating the toolbar buttons 
for IDTB_TOC_NEXT/PREV, but I can't find any documentation on what 
they're meant to do, and he added no actual functionality, so they can 
probably go too.

Owen Rudge

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