Summer is ending, you can't procrastinate any more, come to Wineconf!

Jeremy White jwhite at
Tue Aug 23 13:43:43 CDT 2011

So summer holidays are rapidly ending, and before you know it, Wineconf
will be upon us - just 5 more weeks until Wineconf!

The full details, including the hotel information, is available here:

For those of you that have asked for sponsorship, I'm trying to come to
a 'final' set of requests so I can figure out how best to divvy up the
funds we have available.  I hope to have that info soon.  If you're
interested in coming, but can't afford it, please write to me privately
to see if we can help.

Hope to see you there!



p.s.  I promise to try to keep most discussion on the mailing list, which you
should join now if you're at all interested in Wineconf.

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